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Dogman By King’s X: An Underrated Classic

By Jay Hale If one had to list what were the most criminally underrated albums of the 90s, King’s X’s Dogman would be high on the list. Whether due to the changing tides of music at the time, the advent of grunge, the ripple effect of the death of glam metal, etc, it slipped under radar of many at the time when it should have been […] Continue Reading

The Pickups Of Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine

Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine changed the path of metal rhythm guitar: the kinds of chords and riffs, the attack and aggression of the picking style, and the crunch and bite of the tone itself. For many years – until he developed his signature Dave Mustaine LW-MUST Livewire pickups with us – Dave used the JB and Jazz humbuckers (otherwise known as the Hot Rodded Humbucker Set). Continue Reading

Let’s Help Laith Al-Saadi Win The Voice!

We at Seymour Duncan would like to show our support for our friend Laith Al-Saadi, who has made it into the top four of The Voice. And we want him to win. Laith utterly rips on guitar, and his love of the instrument comes through in every note he plays. His voice is incredibly soulful and expressive; he sounds like a classic rock singer of the […] Continue Reading

Talking Tone With Iron Maiden’s Steve Harris

If you play metal bass, you owe a debt of gratitude and maybe a pint of Trooper beer to Steve Harris. Steve is credited with creating the infamous ‘gallop’ rhythm used throughout metal, and even if his contributions started and ended there, he’d deserve a place in the history books. But he’s done so much more than that. Continue Reading

5 Country Guitarists You Need To Check Out

We have a lot of country guitarists in our Seymour Duncan artist family and we thought it would be fun to catch up with a few of them to see what makes them tick and what drives their sound. So here are Devin Malone, Justin Michael Weaver, Mark Mackay, Daniel Donato and Chris Loocke.  Continue Reading

Talking Tone With Gus G

By Martina Fasano Gus G has been very busy lately, and that’s just how he likes it. With credits to his name like Ozzy Osbourne, Firewind, Nightrage and Arch Enemy, Gus G is no stranger to the higher profile names in the heavy metal arena. His virtuosic abilities and dedication to his craft is apparent in every recording he has laid down in the studio. The […] Continue Reading

Jeff Loomis: Seymour Duncan’s Newest Signature Artist

By Martina Fasano Whether it’s with Sanctuary, Nevermore, through his solo work, or most recently with Arch Enemy, Jeff Loomis has developed the reputation of being on of metal’s elite guitar players. His column in Guitar World magazine, “Merchant of Menace” provided a great many shredders with the tools they needed to try and emulate his virtuoso playing, while some of us tried to keep up […] Continue Reading

Voices of Metal: Kimberly Freeman of One-Eyed Doll

By Martina Fasano I first met Kimberly Freeman very briefly at the NAMM show, just after she signed some autographs together with the members of Doll Skin and rock legend Lita Ford. Everyone around (fans and industry types alike) was absolutely astounded at how fan-friendly she was: handing out necklaces to fans that had waited in line to meet her. That’s class ladies and gentlemen. Continue Reading

Talking Guitar With Lita Ford

By Martina Fasano Lita Ford began her career in the seminal all-female punk band The Runaways, together with Joan Jett, Sandy West, Cherie Currie, and Jackie Fox. That would have been enough trailblazing for most people, but not Lita. Continue Reading

Voices Of Metal: Nikki Stringfield

Photo by Brad Jurjens   Nikki Stringfield is a great guitarist with some very impressive credits already to her name and an undoubtedly exciting musical future to come. As one part of the guitar duo in The Iron Maidens, Nikki shreds on Maiden classics all around the world. She also plays in the reactivated Femme Fatale and makes her own music, and Nikki has just been honored with […] Continue Reading