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My First Pickups, Part 1: The JB

By Frank Falbo, Seymour Duncan VP of Product My very first experience with Seymour Duncan was my first time hunting for a replacement pickup—when I was 12. I remember endlessly poring through the Seymour Duncan catalog, (what homework?) and the JB was my ultimate choice. No one told me how popular it was, or what famous rock stars played it. I read Seymour’s description, and it […] Continue Reading

Why do we use nickel silver baseplates?

Have you noticed that the baseplates on all of our passive humbuckers are silver in color? They’re made of nickel silver—and there’s a reason. Seth Lover used nickel-silver baseplates when he invented the humbucker in 1955. We think he did a pretty good job, and we like to respect the way he did things. We also use nickel silver because of quality, durability, and sound. Aside […] Continue Reading

My First Pickups, Part 2: The Jazz Model

My First Pickups, Part 2: The Jazz Model By Frank Falbo, Seymour Duncan VP of Product After installing the JB in the bridge of my newest guitar, my next pickup purchase was the Jazz for the neck position. Once again, Seymour’s description was spot on. With a name like “Jazz”, the first instinct is to assume that the name is some kind of recommendation of how […] Continue Reading

Seymour Duncan Launches Nighthawk "Slant" Replacement Pickup

At Seymour Duncan, our motto is “Own Your Tone.” That’s the reason we have such a vast range of pickup models that directly retrofit an incredibly wide variety of guitars. And that’s why we addressed a need amongst guitarists by offering a brand new pickup for 2011. The Gibson® Nighthawk™ was first introduced in 1993. It was a very forward-thinking guitar at the time, essentially a […] Continue Reading

The Story Behind the JB & Jazz Concept + Zephyr Silver Pickups in the Seymour Duncan 35

The Seymour Duncan 35–the limited edition guitar inspired by Seymour’s “TeleGib” and the company’s 35th Anniversary–comes with two sets of very special pickups: The recreation of the original “TeleGib” pickups, known as the Custom Shop JB/Jazz Concept Set, and a modern exotic set of Seymour Duncan Zephyr™ Silver premium pickups. Seymour Duncan’s new Custom Shop JB & Jazz “Concept” Humbuckers are installed in the guitar. The […] Continue Reading

All About the Seymour Duncan 35 Limited Edition Guitar

What would be better: winning a golden ticket to Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory or winning a builder’s proof of the Seymour Duncan 35 Limited Edition Guitar? To help you answer this question, Seymour Duncan’s Frank Falbo offers a grand tour of the masterfully crafted Seymour Duncan 35, from the Zehpyr Silver pickups to the 35,000-year-old mastodon ivory nut. Check out the video to find out more! […] Continue Reading

The SD35 Guitar Winner Announced!

The time has finally come! The winner for the SD35 guitar is…[drum roll, please] Bear Erickson from Buellton, California. Bear stopped by the Seymour Duncan factory in Santa Barbara to pick up his prize. There he met Seymour talked about the history of the guitar. Recently, Bear invited us to go to his show at Soho here in Santa Barbara where he played the SD35. Be […] Continue Reading

Seymour Duncan Blackouts on Youtube

Seymour Duncan Blackouts are highly regarded among those who need a tone that screams “end of the world”. We searched through YouTube to hear how some of our players were enjoying their Blackouts. Some feature the deep shredding distortion that is synonymous with Blackouts, while others showcase the enormous clean tone that can also be obtained using Blackouts. Check it out and if you have your […] Continue Reading

New Guitars with Seymour Duncan Pickups

Here is a sampling of some of the new guitars announced at NAMM that feature Seymour Duncan pickups. From Schecter, the Blackjack SLS series: From Godin Guitars, the CORE featuring a model with Seymour Duncan P90’s. From Jarrell Guitars, the Monte Pittman Signature line. CJ Pierce of Drowning Pool shows us his new Eagle Gold Top. The ESP GUS G. NT and the LTD GUS-600NT now […] Continue Reading