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My First Pickups, Part 1: The JB

By Frank Falbo, Seymour Duncan VP of Product My very first experience with Seymour Duncan was my first time hunting for a replacement pickup—when I was 12. I remember endlessly poring through the Seymour Duncan catalog, (what homework?) and the JB was my ultimate choice. No one told me how popular it was, or what famous rock stars played it. I read Seymour’s description, and it […] Continue Reading

My First Pickups, Part 2: The Jazz Model

My First Pickups, Part 2: The Jazz Model By Frank Falbo, Seymour Duncan VP of Product After installing the JB in the bridge of my newest guitar, my next pickup purchase was the Jazz for the neck position. Once again, Seymour’s description was spot on. With a name like “Jazz”, the first instinct is to assume that the name is some kind of recommendation of how […] Continue Reading

Soldering 101: Keep It Clean

By Seymour Duncan Tech Guru Scott Miller When it comes to soldering, messy is not the way to go. Keep it clean—the tip of the soldering iron, that is. This will help the tip transfer heat more easily, and enable you to make good connections more consistently. The easiest way to do this is to have a damp sponge handy (not dripping wet, just damp). Once your […] Continue Reading

Balancing Pickups With Different Outputs

By Brandon Ficquette, Seymour Duncan Customer Support A while back, Frank Falbo posted a great tip about adjusting your pickup height to fine-tune your output and sound. But what about balancing the output of more than one pickup? You can do this the same way–using the pickup height adjustment screws. Start by adjusting the bridge pickup first. The closer you get to the bridge, the less […] Continue Reading

Getting the most out of your guitar's controls while playing

One of the things that sets a great guitarist apart from a good one is their seeming second-nature ability use the volume and tone controls on their guitar to impart more dynamics and subtlety into their playing. and in a band context, contribute to the overall band vibe and dynamic.  It’s not always the best thing to have everything set to “10”… all the time.  Some […] Continue Reading

Guitar Wiring 101

For many players, a change of pickups is one of the very first steps into modding guitars. It's reversible, it's not too hard, and it has an immediate impact on your tone. However, it's still possible to get yourself into a bit of a mess if you don't have a basic understanding of why you're doing what you're doing. Continue Reading

Guitar Wiring 102

Last week we got to the point where we had a guitar with one pickup and no controls. This week we’ll be taking more steps towards a full understanding of guitar wiring. Continue Reading

String Spacing Explained: Humbuckers vs Trembuckers

If you’re upgrading your guitar’s pickups for the very first time, here’s a tip which will help you maximize your tone and get the most out of your investment: Seymour Duncan offers most humbucker models in two sizes: Humbucker and Trembucker. But what do these mean, and how do you know which is right for your guitar? Humbuckers and Trembuckers are actually both versions of the […] Continue Reading