Talking Tone With A Thousand Horses

A Thousand Horses have been breaking some serious ground in the country scene. Rolling Stone credited them with bringing back southern rock, and their song ‘Smoke’ has set a new Country Aircheck radio chart record for highest debut by a new act. They’re now recording their second album after wrapping up a year long U.S. tour and finishing a live album from London. We caught up […] Continue Reading

Forza Overdrive Now Available Everywhere

Our Forza Overdrive is a full-range, highly adjustable and transparent overdrive pedal that maintains the natural voice of your guitar even while it boosts your gain. Compared to the 805 Overdrive it has a more open, earthy voicing. Its three-band EQ lets you boost or cut the Bass, Middle and Treble and it has plenty of crunch whether you’re using it as your primary overdrive source or on top […] Continue Reading

#AprilFools2013: Introducing The Little Little '59

The ’59 was originally created in the late ’70s as a versatile P.A.F. type humbucker and has gone on to become well loved for its warm and smooth tone. It’s this tone that has made it sought after as a set or as a neck pickup which compliments hotter pickups like the JB or Custom. After a while, Strat and Tele players started asking to have […] Continue Reading

Breaking Down the Barriers: Chords in Every Key

Songwriters and improvisers usually pick chords and scales based in the 12 keys we use in music. This time we will focus on triads, or 3 note chords. These are the basis of Western harmony.The guitar is capable of playing in all of the 12 keys, but for some reason, many guitarists are stuck playing and writing in the basic ‘guitar keys’ of E, A, C, […] Continue Reading

It's ALIVE: Building a Parts Strat

Building your own Strat-style guitar is one of the most fun and rewarding experiences I've discovered. I started as a teen, inspired by Eddie Van Halen, and never stopped. I was mesmerized by all the inner workings and details that came together to make a killer sounding, classy-looking guitar that played great too. Continue Reading

Dreams on a Cumulus Cloud

As I pulled into the town of 'Loveland' my amusement of the lightning show quickly diverged into mass chaos. The sirens across town were blaring out and the winds suddenly picked up with the tree's dancing in the flashes of lightning. Continue Reading

Lukas Previn

Seymour Duncan Artist and Their Pickups Lukas Previn – Thursday Lukas Previn is one hard working musician. As the touring bassist for Thursday to touring and recording with The United Nations and Acid Tiger, and soon embarking on La Dispute’s October/November tour, Lukas needs versatility in his tone and chooses the Seymour Duncan SH-4 in his Les Paul Custom guitar. “I put the JB Model™ SH-4 […] Continue Reading

User Group Day Live

Opening announcements will begin shortly. Official event begins at 10 a.m. (PT). Ask your questions to us on Twitter @SeymourDuncan. Update 4:29 PM: The event is now over. Thanks to everyone who joined us for this fun event! We will work on putting together a video of highlights. In the meantime, we are getting ready for a huge jam with our forum users! Free live streaming […] Continue Reading