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For many years Seymour Duncan has specialized in capturing the right natural tone, warmth and dynamic range of acoustic guitars. We’ve developed a number of market-leading pickups designed to give you the power to capture the entire essence of your acoustic guitar. Our three most popular acoustic pickups are:

The Woody provides a warm and rich tone and can easily be mounted and unmounted in just a couple seconds, and available in standard Maple as well as Walnut and Black. Take it anywhere, put it in any guitar and you can beautifully capture the strumming and picking of your instrument with no hum.

Black, Maple or Walnut? The choice is yours!

There are three versions of the Woody, each which will are available in the new color options.
1) Woody SC SA-3SC
The Woody SC is easily fits in the soundhole of an acoustic and has a crisp and clear tone. It’s double potted to reduce feedback and produces no 60-cycle hum.

 2) Woody HC SA-3HC

The Woody HC is a full hum-canceling acoustic pickup and captures the full warmth and richness of your acoustic.

3) The Woody SA-3XL
The top of the line of our Woody series the XL works to capture all the warmth, richness and articulation of your acoustic without any extra noise thanks to the Stack design. It also features adjustable pole pieces so you’ll easily be able to find a balance that is perfect for your ears.

Onboard volume control – feedback resistant

Acoustic Tube
If you’re looking for a warm and natural tone, our SA-1 will be a perfect fit. It easily mounts into your acoustic guitar and has been proven to be highly resistant to any kind of feedback. No more need to adjust the P.A. or amp volume, because the pickup contains a built-in volume control.

Full presence and clarity – Capturing the whole spectrum

Mag Mic
If you’re looking for the absolute best in capturing the full dynamic range of your acoustic, look no further than the Mag Mic. Combining a high-quality hum-cancelling Stack® magnetic pickup with an omni-directional condenser mic gives you the best of both worlds. Expect warmth but also an open resonance and broad character.

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  1. Been rocking my 12 String with the Woody for a few Acoustic gigs. Fantastic!

    1. Christopher I think that is no problem. The Woody goes about in the middle, but the bolt on neck only intrudes out towards the top, so I think you would still have a inch or so wiggle room.
      And it does great with 12-strings!

  2. I swear by my Woody pickup. It sounds great through a PA system or through my regular (electric guitar) amp. Also, when I switch acoustic guitars it only takes a moment to move the pickup from one guitar to the next.

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