Introducing The Sentient 7/8 String Neck Pickup

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When you’re a seven-string player, you need a lot from your pickups. You need them to be able to handle the full sonic range, from the lowest of lows to the most screaming highs. You need them to be adaptable, because seven-stringers tend to explore a wide range of styles, sometimes within a single song. And more than anything, you need them to be articulate: to connect directly to your psyche and then to take your innermost feelings and send them screaming out of your amplifier for your audience to hear.

That’s what the Sentient is for.

The Sentient is a neck pickup which pairs equally well with the Pegasus (for prog rock and modern metal) and the Nazgûl (for aggressive metal). It’s voiced to capture a blend of vintage PAF and modern tones with enough output to deliver harmonically rich distorted lead tones, but subtle enough to give you deep, detailed cleans. Think of it as combining the best qualities of the ’59 Model and the Jazz: clarity, detail, depth, attack and expression. The Sentient is available for both 7 and 8 string guitars and also comes in an active mount (soapbar sized) version for those who own a guitar that came with active pickups.

The Sentient can be heard in the video below during the clean intro.

Here are just a couple of the places you can find the Sentient:

Mike’s Music Shop 


MacDaddy Music

The STRATosphere

Guitar Asylum

Coming soon to The Music Zoo (will have every 7 and 8 string option). Also available soon at Island MusicCapitol Guitars and Arkansas Musicworks.


Written on June 2, 2013, by Kat King

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    this is what happens when your mother used drugs during her pregnancy.

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