Introducing The Seymour Duncan SW Set

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Originally presented as a concept piece on Halloween, the Seymour Duncan Chewbucker is now making it to full production and it’s being joined by two new pickups, the IM-Solo and the SSL-Ren, in the Seymour Duncan SW Set.


The Chewbucker is designed to give you a hairy, growly tone, and while it is certainly capable of warm, fuzzy moments, it can also get pretty aggressive. And if you play a wrong note it’s been known to rip the tremolo arm out of its socket. 


The IM-Solo is a neck pickup designed to give you a strong, independent voice for leads. Although we originally designed a fresher-sounding, more brash prototype, the final version of the IM-Solo is a little more aged and refined, with a gruffer voice. It works particularly well with the Chewbucker. You might say they’re inseparable. 


Coming between these two is the SSL-Ren, a middle pickup which shares some structural DNA with the IM-Solo but has a wild, unpredictable edge that can be hard to control. Putting it close to an IM-Solo tends to give the false impression that it’s suddenly going to become a nicer-sounding pickup but then it goes through a phase reversal process, completely cancels out the IM-1 Solo and sends the Chewbucker into uncontrollable howling feedback. We’ve also found that the SSL-Ren tends to creep out of the guitar in the middle of the night and install itself next to the nearest Invader

Written on April 1, 2016, by Peter

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