Check out this Benedetto Pat Martino model – featuring Seymour Duncan Zephyr pickups!

New from Benedetto is this Pat Martino signature model, the first guitar to come shipped with Seymour Duncan Zephyr pickups! This gorgeous piece features a lightweight, chambered Mahogany body with a flame-maple top, a mahogany neck, and an Ebony fingerboard. The hardware and appointments are black, creating a breathtaking visual (the word “wow” comes to mind). Usually the Martino is equipped with A6 SD Benedetto pickups (currently celebrating their 20th anniversary, btw), but all the tone(s) generated by this beauty will be further enhanced by the richer, more dynamic response of the Zephyr pickups! Not only is it a master-built guitar, it also sports the next generation of pickup technology. Zephyrs are wound with silver wire on glass fiberfill nylon bobbins, with nickel and stainless steel bi-metallic pole pieces. They’re then cryogenic-treated, resulting in a pickup that will reproduce every nuance of your playing better. The results are a bolder, more rich tone. One with more complexity and articulation. One that lives and breathes, with better punch and more clarity. No doubt this guitar will sound every bit as stunning as it looks!

Martino Full
You can’t take your eyes off it!

Pat Martino’s name is revered in jazz circles, known for his impeccably tasteful playing, as a master clinician, and for his formidable resume. In his 50-year career he has played with everyone from Chick Corea and Jack McDuff to Sonny Stitt, as well as being featured on diverse projects such as “Disney meets Jazz” and “Bronx Tale”. He’s been a major influence of jazz guitarists for over two decades – the man is a legend. When Pat wanted an elegant, versatile instrument he could use for stage, studio and clinic work, he collaborated with Bob Benedetto, maker of fine arch-top guitars to create his signature model. The pair worked for a year to create a guitar that not only met Pat’s exacting technical standards, but also has a look that, as Pat put it “hypnotizes”. It’s pretty safe to say they nailed it!

Uh, wow.
Beauty and functionality

The player that ordered this masterpiece obviously wanted a beautiful guitar that elevates his/her tone and playing to new levels. So what guitar would YOU put a set of Zephyrs in?

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