Guitars Of Summer NAMM

By Martina Fasano Summer NAMM. It’s almost like the overlooked middle child of the family when compared to the “Golden Child” that is Winter NAMM. That being said, many of the company reps I have spoken to over the years will tell you that Summer NAMM is actually a better place to do what they’re…

Little Known Areas of the Seymour Duncan Website

We all know that most people end up on the Seymour Duncan website because they are looking for the best tone possible out of their guitar or bass. But there are many areas of the SD website you may not know about. This article will mention some of the lesser-known areas of the site, and…

New Perri Ink. Guitars With Own-Label Seymour Duncan Pickups

Perri Ink. – the company founded by guitarist Nick Perri of Silvertide – has introduced two new custom guitars, the South St and the Melrose. These instruments feature boldly different body styles to each other but they share a lot in common too: both feature quarter-sawn maple necks with reverse headstocks and rosewood fingerboards, solid alder bodies, vintage 6-hole tremolos, and a trio of Perri Ink. Label Seymour Duncan mini-humbucker pickups.

Seven-String Pickup Options

One thing 7-string players continually cite as an attraction to the extended range of the seven is that they can still play everything that they could play on a six-string guitar – as well as getting down into much lower musical territory. And that’s true of tone too: the sounds you get out of your six-string pickups are also available from 7-string versions. Many of our popular models are available in versions for 7-string players, and even if we don’t offer a production 7-string version of a six-string pickup you’ve just gotta have on your seven, the Custom Shop may be able to help!

Perri Ink Guitars releases the Anthem

Seymour Duncan Artist Nick Perri (Shinedown, Perry Farrell, Silvertide, Matt Sorum, SINAI) has just released his latest line of guitars under the Perri Ink. Guitars brand. The Anthem is made distinctive by it’s hand-made Perri Ink. Cartel American Flag pickguard and its use of a Callaham bridge. This, combined with it’s eye catching natural wood…

Perri Ink Guitars releases the Native

Seymour Duncan Artist Nick Perri (Shinedown, Perry Farrell, Silvertide, Matt Sorum, SINAI) has released a new line of guitars under his custom guitar brand Perri Ink Guitars. The Native comes in two distinct flavours – the Traditionalist and the Atomic Punk. The Traditionalist is a vintage themed guitar with a Strat®-style 6 point tremolo, and…

Just in time for Halloween – The Boo Bucker is back!

Your choice of a pickup wound by the legendary Maricela “MJ” Juarez of Seymour Duncan Custom Shop. To complete the spooky Halloween look, MJ dyed the bobbins orange and incorporated a jet black “Seymour Duncan” logo. For purchasing information, please contact

Patrick Wilson from Weezer

Seymour Duncan Artist and Their Pickups Patrick – Weezer From the seminal hits “Buddy Holly” and “Beverly Hills” to their latest album Hurley, Weezer has been been making great music to rock out for more than 15 years. With a worldwide following of dedicated fans, their sound has, to many, become the definition of what…

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