Down But Not Out: Drop-Tuning Like a Pro

For those few who may be unfamiliar, drop tuning is the practice of tuning the strings on a guitar to pitches that are lower on the scale than the traditional E Standard (E2, A2, D3, G3, B3, E4) guitar tuning. This term can refer to tuning all the strings of a guitar down the same…

The Action of your Neck: Unlocking Its Mysteries!

Every now and then, friends come over with complaints about their guitar: the tone is wrong, the playability is off, tuning stability issues and sometimes even cosmetic issues are brought to my attention. I’m happy to address all issues, but some issues are so easy to solve that I think it’s wise to write this…

Truss Rod: My Best Friend In Action

Let’s explore the possibilities you have in setting up your guitar – with the trussrod as the centerpiece – so grabbing that key and turning the nut will be less daunting.

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