Seymour Duncan Announces Cutting-edge Pickup Architecture with New Duality Lin

Seymour Duncan Announces Cutting-edge Pickup Architecture with New Duality Line SANTA BARBARA, CA – February 17, 2017 – Seymour Duncan, a leading manufacturer of pickups and pedals, announces Duality™, a new concept in pickup design merging the best active and passive technologies to create a versatile and dynamically rich tone palette. “Duality is a new active pickup architecture featuring the best attributes of passive and active technologies in one,” […] Continue Reading

New Dave Mustaine Cover Options

The Dave Mustaine Livewire pickups are designed to give you the benefits of an active pickup (in this case the voicing is matched with the JB/Jazz) but without the drawbacks commonly associated with active pickups. They are organic sounding, with lots of aggression but equal amounts of clarity. They can easily go from the screaming raw distortion that Dave Mustaine and Megadeth have been known for, but […] Continue Reading

Active Pickups And How They Are Different

Some thirty odd years ago active pickups hit the market and they were doing something amazing. Lots of output paired with no hum, noise or buzz. What else could you ask for? As time went on, players demanded more and more. More tone, more dynamics, more nuance in their playing. And yet it’s still a common idea among some players that active pickups ‘always sound the […] Continue Reading

ASB-6 Pickups and the Sound of Wood

I’ve been a huge Warwick fan since my bass heroes in the early 90s (Stefan Lessard, P-Nut, Stuart Zender, Melvin Gibbs) all had the Sound of Wood in their lineup. Part of that signature sound was the Seymour Duncan pickups. So, when I had a chance to get some new pickups for my Warwick Streamer LX 6 string, I naturally gravitated back to Seymour Duncan and […] Continue Reading

Active and Passive in the Same Guitar – Can It Be Done?

It’s a question we get asked a heck of a lot here at SD, and a question that appears all over the internet – how should I wire up a mixture of active and passive pickups in the  same guitar? The answer, either from us or elsewhere on the internet, is always either “It’s very complicated,” “It’s not recommended”, or occasionally “It’s very complicated and not […] Continue Reading

Cage Match: Active vs. Passive Pickups

Pickups come in two basic flavors. One is active, and the second is passive. If your guitar requires a battery, chances are that it has active pickups. If it doesn’t, or will function without a battery, then the pickups would be considered passive. From what I have seen, guitarists generally prefer one or the other – but it goes well beyond that. Guitarists who like passive […] Continue Reading

Choosing The Right Active Pickup

Seymour Duncan has a wide range of active pickups that were designed to give you a truly organic sound with a wide frequency range (more tone). Our standard AHB-1 Blackouts are available in both Phase I and Phase II sizes, which means that you can easily find the right replacement for your guitar that already has active pickups. They are also available in 7-string and 8-string. […] Continue Reading

How to Change Pickups

Changing your pickups isn’t rocket science and the right set of pickups can completely transform the tone and character of your guitar. Sometimes changing pickups can seem a bit daunting for those who have never picked up a soldering iron or opened up their guitar. Below you can find resources to select the perfect set of pickups for the guitar you own and the tone you […] Continue Reading

Win a signed ESP guitar with the new Gus G. FIRE Blackouts System

CLICK HERE TO ENTER Have you ever dreamed of owning a guitar and pickup system that could give your playing a powerful edge? Seymour Duncan has teamed up with Guitar World to give you a chance to win the guitar setup of Ozzy Osbourne and Firewind virtuoso Gus G. Simply sign up on our Facebook page for a chance to win a limited edition GUS-600NT (MSRP $1298) […] Continue Reading

Nightrage rocks St. Petersburg as part of Frets of Fury

Evan and I recently travelled to Florida to visit the Frets of Fury tour. One band of particular interest to us was Nightrage. Marios Iliopoulos started Nightrage with Gus G. and they are now touring with Gus’s band Firewind. This is the story of our time with guitarists Bill Hudson and Marios Iliopoulos of Nightrage. We arrived at the airport at 5:00 A.M. gleary eyed and with […] Continue Reading