Parallel Axis Trembucker: My Experiences

One of my Les Pauls was in need of new pickups, and I decided to step out of my comfort zone. I usually get PAF-style pickups and I occasionally go a bit hotter, but I decided to try the Seymour Duncan PATB-1 and PATB-2 pickups. I asked Seymour Duncan to change the magnets though. Instead of the Alnico 5 for the PATB-1 and the ceramic for the PATB-2, I chose Alnico 8 magnet bars for both.

Breaking Down the Barriers: Chords in Every Key

Songwriters and improvisers usually pick chords and scales based in the 12 keys we use in music. This time we will focus on triads, or 3 note chords. These are the basis of Western harmony.The guitar is capable of playing in all of the 12 keys, but for some reason, many guitarists are stuck playing…

One Trick Pony, or Many Trick Pony: My Versatile Wiring

Some people love to buy many guitars, and hand pick a guitar for a specific job. Some people try to make a guitar as versatile as it can be, getting as many useful sounds out of one instrument. I fall more in the latter camp, which I think is a little rarer these days.

The Alnico II Pro

The Alnico II Pro is currently my neck pickup of choice, because it does so many things so well. Probably the most famous with its association with Slash, it is the inspiration behind the APH-2 Slash pickup. Both are constructed with a weaker Alnico II bar pickup, which immediately softens the mids compared to Alnico V-based pickups. The APH-1 is a great choice for jazz, blues or classic rock or a few other things.

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