Choosing A Bridge Pickup For Your Les Paul

In this article, I wish to explore some of my favorite pickups for the bridge position of a Les Paul. When I talk with players about tone, gear and music in general, the general concensus is that you need pickups with a lot of output for metal and pickups with less output for ‘everything else.’ I disagree with that notion (though it holds some truth, I have to admit) and I’ll try to highlight pickups that can do a large selection of styles as well as pickups that seem almost dedicated to a specific style.

How To Make A Hybrid Humbucker

I’ve spoken a lot about hybrid humbuckers of the last few years. I talked about how I go about matching coils together, I talked about some of my favorite hybrids, and now I’m gonna give ‘you the keys to the Lamborghini’ by showing you how I make a hybrid!

Anatomy Of A Humbucker

Maybe you’ve always wondered what some parts of a humbucker do, maybe you want to get some solid ground under your feet before attempting a magnet swap or maybe even a hybrid, or maybe you’re simply curious. In any case, I want to make this article your stepping stone.

A Telecaster For A Les Paul Guy

When the Broadcaster was launched in 1946, I don’t think Leo Fender could have imagined such a bright future for his guitar. After several incarnations, declines in popularity and rises to fame, the Telecaster is almost 70 years old, yet it shows no metaphysical signs of aging!

The Stealth Brutality of the Custom Custom

Varying on an already proven theme (the venerable Seymour Duncan Custom), the Custom Custom features the familiar Duncan Custom coil-wind with an Alnico 2 magnet as opposed to the standard ceramic magnet for a sweeter, more subtle yet no-less deadly variant on the Custom tone.

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