Tonal Properties of Guitar Pickup Magnets

At the heart of every pickup, whether it’s a humbucker or a single-coil, is one or more magnets that define the fundamental character of the pickup’s tone. Learn how a pickup’s magnet type impacts its tone to help you choose the best pickups for you and your guitar! Read on for info on a few…

Differences In Guitar Pickup Magnets

There are a lot of components that go into shaping the character of a pickup’s sound. Everything from the gauge of the wire, the amount of turns, the pitch of the winding, whether it’s wax potted and one of the most important elements, the magnet. We recently teamed up with Alex Myla to produce these…

My Custom Shop Creation: The Magnetar

The Seymour Duncan Custom Shop can build anything you want, whether you’re a famous pro or simply a player who cares about their tone. They can build you a pickup based on an existing design or they can make you something completely from scratch.

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