Bruce Bouillet And The Order of Control

If you were a fan of shred guitar, particularly Racer X in the 80s, you’re aware of Bruce Bouillet. He’s the only other guy in the world who could keep up with Paul Gilbert! The man not only has astounding, world-beating chops, but exceptional melodic sense as well.

Adrian Galysh: The Tone Poet

Adrian Galysh is a name heard quite frequently around Los Angeles, as a busy studio player and sideman with Uli Jon Roth. He’s also beginning to develop a substantial internet presence via Facebook and YouTube, and you’ve probably seen his signature spalted Maple-topped Brian Moore guitar show up in your Twitter feed if you follow any of the “guitar money shot” feeds.

Warbringer On Making ‘IV: Empires Collapse’

We had the chance to catch up with Warbringer to chat about the experience of making their fourth album, IV: Empires Collapse, and some of the creative decisions with composition, gear selection and the process of making a studio album – Hope you enjoy and definitely check out the album – it definitely evokes a…

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