Three Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Band

Sometimes I think it’s a miracle that any bands succeed at all, given all the things stacked against them. The world can be very unforgiving to music, especially for those of us on the fringes of popularity (or, if you’re like me, staring at the fringes of popularity through a high powered telescope). This makes…

How to Behave in Public: Etiquette on Multi-Band Gigs

Every band (especially original ones) has had to play shows with other bands. After all, we don’t all start our live debut with four hours of music for the whole night. Usually we bundle the band with friends’ bands, or the venue does that for us. At many shows, bands share the stage, equipment, and…

Selling Your Music Online

Back in the old days, making a record could be an incredibly expensive process, with only a handful of record studios across the country and the only real distrubution of your music being radio (some of which required payola). These days, a 14 year old kid with Pro Tools, an audio interface, microphone and a…

Choosing Pickups That Cut Through the Mix

For most of my career I’ve played in a band with another guitarist. I’ve even had the pleasure of sharing the stage with a second guitarist and a keyboardist. This always presents a bit of a problem though: how do I make my instrument stand out?

Making Your Solos Stand Out – part 2

This is the second part of my two-part article about the options we soloists have for being heard above the din when it’s our time to shine. In the first part I covered some of the more tried-and-true methods for boosting a solo: the guitar volume, switching pickups, and using an overdrive, distortion, or compressor pedal. In this part, we will explore some of the more refined, “professional” options for making your solo stand out.

The Tao of the Audition: 5 Tips for Getting the Gig

You made the call, talked to person on the other end, and landed the audition for the open spot as a guitar player in the band. If you’re like most of us, walking into that audition is going to come with a few (maybe more than a few) butterflies of apprehension… and the outcome will be based on a number of factors, only some of which are actually under your direct influence.

Seymour W. Duncan Jams With Yngwie

Ultimate World Guitar Exhibition, Bologna, Italy The free concert featured a bevy of world class guitarists, including our own Seymour W. Duncan along with Yngwie Malmsteen, George Lynch, Jennifer Batten, Glenn Hughes, Doug Aldrich, Ricky Portera, and Stef Burns; along with Neil Murray on bass and Gregg Bissonette on drums. Over 30,000 rabid guitar fans…

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