Active Humbuckers Tone Profiles

Learn the tonal differences between a few of our most popular active humbuckers   The Basics of Active Humbuckers Like their passive counterparts, active pickups still utilize magnets and wire-wrapped coils to capture string vibrations and read them as a current. Active pickups employ an active preamp (usually powered by a 9V battery) that, along…

Guitar Wiring 102

Last week we got to the point where we had a guitar with one pickup and no controls. This week we’ll be taking more steps towards a full understanding of guitar wiring.

Guitar Wiring 101

For many players, a change of pickups is one of the very first steps into modding guitars. It’s reversible, it’s not too hard, and it has an immediate impact on your tone. However, it’s still possible to get yourself into a bit of a mess if you don’t have a basic understanding of why you’re doing what you’re doing.

Effects Basics: Chorus

You’ve heard that sound before: that watery, bubbly, thick guitar sound slathered over almost every clean guitar part from the late 1970’s throughout the 1980’s. That is the sound of a chorus effect, and when I was young, it was everywhere. It was the second pedal I ever bought (right behind the Next Distortion X),…

Effects Basics: Tremolo

You know the sound. It has been on thousands of records. It was built into the most popular amplifiers for a few decades. It was the first guitar effect pedal ever produced.

Slap Bass Bassics – The Thumb

Simply put, the thumb in slap bass is the bass drum of the drummers kit. It provides that punch, it gives the rhythmic pulse that everything else is laid upon. It can be as simple or as complex as needed (please remember that comment, and repeat it to yourself a couple more times to let it sink in), but it needs to be solid to keep the beat moving. Anything else and you stand to lose the feel of the groove, which is priority number one as a bassist.

Guitar Wiring 104

By the end of the last article on electric guitar wiring, we had wired a Tele-type guitar for three-way pickup switching using both the standard blade switch, and the Gibson-style toggle switch. We’re going to stick with that toggle switch now, and see how we can have separate volume and tone controls for each pickup….

Guitar Wiring 103

So far we’ve had one pickup connected to the volume control and then the volume control sends output to the jack. We’ll continue with that setup, except that when we add additional pickups, we’ll control which ones are connected to the volume control.

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