Chord Substitutions: The Tritone

Ah, the diabolus in musica: ‘The Devil in Music’ it was called centuries ago. The tritone interval was considered so dissonant that it led to stories of singers in the church being banned from using it. While kinda cool, stories like that are likely not true; in fact, the tritone was used in many Baroque and Classical compositions. Instead of focusing on the notes today, we […] Continue Reading

Halloween Horror: The Most Evil Scale Ever

Zombies and Zombettes, gather ye round. It's that ghoulish time of year when a guitarist's thoughts turn to such devilish delights as the tritone, the minor third and - gasp! - even the dreaded flat second! The horror! These demonic musical intervals can create an unsettling feeling in the listener, scare off household pets, open a gate to the land of the undead, and maybe even make a few shirtless dudes crowdsurf. Continue Reading

Wall of Sound – Gus G Gears Up For Ozzy & Firewind Tours

When Black Sabbath announced plans for a reunion album and tour last year, the metal world went into a frenzy. The legends were back! But then Tony Iommi announced his diagnosis with cancer, and the band scaled back its planned appearances to small number of dates. To fill the void left in the wake of some of the already-announced Sabbath shows, Ozzy Osbourne called up a […] Continue Reading

Gus G Checks In From Ozzy & Friends Rehearsals

Firewind and Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Gus G has checked in with us from preparations for the Ozzy & Friends Summer European tour, where he’ll be performing as the main axeman in Ozzy’s band, with special guest appearances by Zakk Wylde, Slash and Geezer Butler. Here’s his message to fans of Ozzy, Gus and Seymour Duncan: “Hey everyone, I’m in L.A. at the moment rehearsing and getting […] Continue Reading