Cage Match: Single Coils vs. Humbuckers

Or…my journey from single coils to humbuckers and back…. For the most part, choosing a type of replacement pickup is based on whatever already comes in your guitar. When exploring the differences between guitar types, it somehow always gets distilled down into 2 categories: Guitars with single coils and guitars with humbuckers. This article will…

Cage Match: Staggered vs. Flat Polepieces

Single coil pickups come in many configurations. You might like yours produced the way they were back in the 60s, or you might like ultra-modern high output silent ones.

Cage Match Bass Edition: Rounds vs. Flats

There is never a more polarizing thread that comes up in bass forums than the one that starts with “what is better?” and ends with “Rounds or Flats?” In this article we’re going to talk about the differences between roundwound and flatwound strings, the pros and cons between the two and then offer up a couple suggestions where either of them would fit the bill nicely.

Cage Match: Few Controls vs. Many

Guitars can be made many ways these days. Some provide one or two sounds from the guitar itself, with nothing more than a pickup and a volume knob. Some players like a huge palate of sounds available at all times, covering the face of their guitar with switches and knobs. This article will explain both schools of thought as well as some ways to achieve those sounds without all those holes on your purty guitar’s top. Finally, I will explain what I like (and need) in a guitar’s control layout, and how I make it work for me.

Cage Match Bass Edition: Traditional vs. Balanced Tension

Oh man, if there’s one phrase that’s quickly become the “buzz” on forums over the past year or so, it’s ‘balanced-tension string sets.’ And there are people on both sides of the camp; those that say that balanced tension has revolutionized their playing, and others that say that the packaged set at the local music…

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