Cage Match: Single Coils vs. Humbuckers

Or…my journey from single coils to humbuckers and back…. For the most part, choosing a type of replacement pickup is based on whatever already comes in your guitar. When exploring the differences between guitar types, it somehow always gets distilled down into 2 categories: Guitars with single coils and guitars with humbuckers. This article will…

Friends of SD: The Loar Guitars

By Dave Eichenberger The name The Loar conjures up many images for those who have studied the history and birth of iconic archtop instruments in America. Lloyd Loar was responsible for the design of the F5 mandolins and L5 archtops of the early 20th century and the name lives on in The Loar, a company dedicated to…

The Anatomy Of Single Coil Pickups

We discussed the anatomy of humbuckers in a general sense a while back, and because there are so many varieties of single coil pickups, we thought it was time we should take a look at single coil designs too. Let’s have a look at the internal structure of the single coil in general as well as the various main…

Great Pickups For Lapsteel Guitars

I suppose it’s easy to forget the origins or the modern electric guitar. After all, the first real electric guitar is still open for debate, all though I guess we can all safely assume it’s the Slingerland Songster Model 401 by now. Which is perhaps striking, since that guitar was preceded and followed by ‘electrified’…

That Single Pickup Magic

Once upon a time there was a great war. This war was a marketing war, all based on the quantity of a guitar’s equipment. Up until late 1953, the two major players were tied with two pickups, when one side introduced a three pickup guitar. Things were again tied between the major players at three…

Single Coils From A Golden Era

I used to love heavy metal. I still do, actually, but my taste has evolved to encompass more styles. The less gain I use, the cleaner and more subtle I want my pickup to be. In my search for more vintage-styled tones I stumbled on some older designs, some of which you see far too little nowadays! I want to talk a bit about my four favorite single coil designs – hopefully they’ll inspire you the way they inspired me!

Like Father, Like Son – Derek Duncan To Take Over Custom Shop

Like many engineers and machinists, Derek Duncan grew up with an intense curiosity for the mechanics of how things work… except Derek didn’t come from your average parents, but from the founders and owners of Seymour Duncan; Cathy Carter Duncan – the woman who has provided the vision to guide the business through 37 years…

Turn It Up! A Documentary All About The Electric Guitar

Promising to be a definitive documentary about the history and the rise of the electric guitar, “Turn it Up!” gives guitar lovers and fans alike a reminder why guitar players love the instrument so much. Starting with the history of the instrument with Charlie Christian and the Rickenbacker Frying Pan, it then interweaves interviews with famous artists such as Slash, Jerry Cantrell, B.B. King, Robby Krieger, Steve Lukather and more, exploring why the electric guitar was invented but also why it grips guitar players and has defined multiple generations of musicians.

Charlie Christian: Guitar Hero and Pickup Name-Giver

The most unique pickup when it comes to name giving is perhaps, in my idea, the big single coil pickup that is now being linked to the unique and amazing Charlie Christian.

From The Custom Shop EP 2: Find Your Tone

In this episode of From The Custom Shop, we talk Charlie Christian pickups, The BIG Pickup, take questions about splicing wires, the uniqueness of P.A.F’s and several questions on good recommendations for Telecaster tone.

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