Friends of SD: The Walla Walla Guitar Company

By Dave Eichenberger Walla Walla, Washington is a town with a funny name known for its wine industry and sweet onion production. However, this funny-sounding town also happens to be home to the Walla Walla Guitar Company.

Crimson Guitars Twin 45 RPM, A Closer View

When you want something new in your sound, you can buy a new pickup or pedal to shape the tone, or you can buy a brand new amp or simply replace the guitar. You establish a wish list, go to a store to search for a guitar that fits the bill, and hope you find…

The Vintage Telecaster Set: My Story

I never liked Telecasters. I felt that the body shape was OK, but that the control plate and pickguard were a terrible concotion (but completely logical, considering Leo Fender’s philosophy regarding guitar manufacturing). The headstock was to me the most terrible of designs. Ever. It doesn’t really lend itself to be hanged on a wall hanger, it looks like some pieces melted off a Strat headstock, and the string trees are a neccesity but a horrible way to solve the break angle issue of a Tele.

Considerations in Getting a Custom-Built Guitar

For as long as ready-made goods exist people choose to forgo with them and have a product specifically tailored for their needs. With guitars it’s no different. The surge of custom build guitars is a relative new one, though, which can be closely matched to the rise of global communication. It’s nowadays a very straightforward…

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