The Pickups Of Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine

Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine changed the path of metal rhythm guitar: the kinds of chords and riffs, the attack and aggression of the picking style, and the crunch and bite of the tone itself. For many years – until he developed his signature Dave Mustaine LW-MUST Livewire pickups with us – Dave used the JB and…

Dean Introduces The Dave Mustaine StradiVMNT

Earlier this year, Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine unveiled a very special Dean guitar for his “Symphony Interrupted” performance with the San Diego Symphony at Copley Symphony Hall in San Diego, California: the StradiVMNT. At the time it was a one-off special item for Dave to play at the show, but now you’ll be able to own a StradiVMNT of your very own (if you’re quick): Dean has announced that they’re building 50 limited edition StradiVMNTs which are available for preorder now.

When 11 Isn’t Enough: Active Blackouts

Pickups come in all kinds of flavors and styles. Some are tailored to do one specific style or tone while others are more versatile. To broaden the palate of choice, some 30-odd years ago active pickups hit the market. The tonal characteristics of active pickups make them a great choice for the more heavy music…

Band Basics: Part 1 – The Mission

So you want to start taking your band more seriously? First we need to examine why you’re starting the band in the first place and what you’re hoping to get out of it. Money? Women? Fame? Hopefully you have a deeper reason than the superficial rockstar perception.

The JB: The Sound of ROCK

Originally wound as part of a pair for Seymour’s own Tele-Gib (which was built for a certain legendary British guitarist in the 70s), the JB has gone on to become one of the most iconic bridge pickups in rock music. However, even though it’s the world’s most popular pickup, you might not know it immediately. It’s kind of an unsung hero of sorts. But even if you don’t know the name, chances are you know the SOUND.

An Interview with Mr. Controversy, Dave Mustaine

The man behind Megadeth is the one and only Dave Mustaine. After 30 years Dave is still able to rock and devote intense focus to putting on a memorable show for all of his fans. We figured it was time we had a chat with Dave about his tour, his guitars and his thoughts on the music industry.

Viewing Your Band As A Business: Introduction

The music industry is a difficult industry to break into. For every successful band, there are thousands of failed ones. Many young musicians sit in their rooms dreaming of making it big, like the idols covering their walls. They see the money, the girls, and the larger than life lifestyle and want it all. The problem lies in that they have no clue how to obtain it or even where to start.

Hello Me… Meet the Real Me: Mustaine

Dave Mustaine is universally known as the founder of Megadeth and forefather of thrash metal. Dave made significant contributions to Metallica as a member from 1981-1983, and has writing credits on their first two albums. The Seymour Duncan User Group Forum held a Q&A with Mustaine in 2010, with fans pouring in to ask Dave any…

Rock In Rio Festival

Seymour Duncan Artist and Their Pickups Rock In Rio Festival In May 2010, Rock in Rio, one of the world’s largest Brazilian outdoor music festivals, made Lisbon Portugal its home for a week of some of the best concerts from the world’s biggest acts. Over five nights, the festival featured names as varied as Shakira,…

Dave Mustaine of Megadeth

Dave Mustaine by Lisa Sharken As the fearless leader and founding member of Megadeth, Dave Mustaine developed a distinct musical style as both a player and songwriter, drawing his influences from a variety of rock styles. What sets Megadeth apart from other metal bands is Mustaine’s strong sense of melody, great hooks and intelligent lyrics….

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