Do It All: 2 Humbuckers And A 5-Way Switch

This article will explain how I like to wire my guitars that have two humbuckers, one volume, one tone, and a 5-way switch so I can get five distinct tones capable of covering a wide variety of sounds.

Basics of Internet Gear Forums

Imagine a world where people talked about things that you were interested in. A meeting place where people were proud of dissecting the very thing you love into the smallest parts, dissecting, rearranging, and debating the subject long after our real-life friends’ and significant others’ eyes have glazed over. Yes, this is your place. I…

Installing P-Rails and Triple Shot Mounting Rings

A brief summary: P-Rails are a special pickup design that incorporates two different pickup types: a P-90 and a rail single coil. The Triple Shot Mounting Ring incorporates two 2-position switches per ring, that allows either the P-90 alone, the single coil alone, both coils in parallel and both pickups in series, like a traditional humbucker. Combined with a 3-way pickup switch, that is a lot of sounds!

Upgrading an Inexpensive Guitar With Seymour Duncan Pickups and Getting RESULTS!

Now, we all are tempted by the expensive guitars we see in catalogs and guitar stores, gazing at them like the toy pages from a Sears Christmas Wishbook. We might not be able to get the hand-selected woods with the killer flames, or the just-perfect feel of the neck from a more inexpensive guitar, but…

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