The P-Rails Wiring Bible, Part 3

If you’ve read the other two articles in the series, hopefully by now you’ve got a good understanding of the different ways we can wire P-Rails pickups. Let’s take a look at some of the more common configurations.

The P-Rails Wiring Bible, Part 2

The three most-used modes for the P-Rails pickup are series humbucker, P-90 mode and rail mode. If these are the only three modes we want to use, the wiring is quite simple.

So You Want to Get a Bit ‘More’ Out of Your Pickup…

So you’ve got a great bridge pickup that just really shoots flames when running through a hot guitar amp. It’s awesome, but you find yourself wanting just a little bit ‘more’. Not more in the sense of hitting the amp up with a boost or overdrive pedal, but ‘more’ from your pickup. There is a pretty easy way to achieve this with a DPDT on/on switch or push/pull (or push/push) potentiometer, some wire, and some simple soldering skills.

The P-Rails: Three Times The Tone

Sometimes when you’re contemplating a pickup swap or putting together a custom guitar, the hardest choice to make is what kind of pickup to use. Humbucker? Single coil? P-90? Each have their charms, of course, and you can split a humbucker into a single coil to expand your tonal reach a little further. But we guitarists are well known for looking at our instruments and thinking “What if..?” And it was one of these ‘What If Moments’ which led to a pickup which could do all three: the P-Rails.

Getting The Right Sound For Tele® Middle Position

There comes a time in every Tele® player’s life when you try to find the right sound for the middle position on your three way switch. One of the questions asked is: How do I change the sound of the middle position without changing the sound of the other two?

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