Effects Basics: Reverb

One of the earliest and most popular effects for cleaner styles is reverb. When Fender started making amps with a reverb unit built inside the amp case, we had the birth of surf music, and instrumental rock. This was a huge influence on guitars sounds for decades. and fueled the British Invasion bands that swept over…

Effects Basics: DELAY! Delay delay lay ay y

The delay, or echo, is one of the oldest effects for guitar. Probably my favorite effect, I have one on every recording I do, at least somewhere.

Duck Duck DELAY!

A ducking delay is one that changes the volume of the actual repeats in response to your playing: While you are playing, the echoes are quieter, and when you stop, they get louder.

Fun with Delay

Delay, or echo (as it should be called) is the repeating of sound. It is the sound when you yell into a canyon and you hear your voice back at you because it reflects off of the rocks. No canyons around? Well, you can simulate this sound with a delay pedal. But it is usually…

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