Best Guitar Pickups For Epiphone

Epiphone is well loved by many for their semi-hollow bodies, their range of selection and affordable prices. You may be ready to pull the trigger your first Les Paul style guitar but your credit card may refuse such a purchase – an Epiphone LP is a good alternative.

KISS’S Tommy Thayer And The Seymour Duncan JB Model

KISS’s Tommy Thayer has one of the coolest jobs in the world: he gets to hop up on stage every night and occupy the persona of the Spaceman, one of KISS’s four classic characters. Although the role was originally inhabited by Ace Frehley, and Thayer is mindful of paying tribute to the classic guitar parts…

When ‘The One That Got Away’ Meets ‘New Guitar Day’

We just wanted to share something really cool that happened on our Facebook page the other day. It all started when we posted this image for Valentine’s Day, featuring an already-hard-to-find Epiphone Limited Edition Slash Rosso Corsa Les Paul Standard with Seymour Duncan Alnico II Pro Slash signature humbuckers.

Talking Tone With Novembers Doom’s Larry Roberts

Chicago death/doom pioneers Novembers Doom have been at it for over two decades now, and they’ve seen many imitators come and go. And yet in all that time they’ve never been content to merely sit back and enjoy their status as co-authors of the genre; as new album Bled White will demonstrate, they continue to push forward into new territory while retaining their essential brutality and atmosphere. We caught up with guitarist Larry Roberts on the eve of the band’s European tour and the release of the album to talk doom.

Prototypes Of Gibson’s First Solidbody Guitar

In the first half of the 20th century, the guitar changed from being predominantly a rhythm instrument to being an instrument that was very much suited for leads and solos. Guitars were still large, hollow ‘boxes’, in essence: strengthened acoustic guitar with a pickup attached to it. With the rise of bigger bands, the need for more volume increased. Unfortunately more volume would also mean more feedback!

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