Changing the Tone of Your Wah Pedal

The wah pedal is a long-standing fixture on many pedalboards. The Cry Baby wah was the very first pedal I bought – and I still have it – but I’ve always preferred a “darker” tone in my wah sound. I find that when you “open up” the Cry Baby (toe down position), it’s too “pitchy.” Yes, I know, that’s not a word, but anyone who has run into the high-pitched squeals of an open Cry Baby wah knows exactly what I’m talking about. I could have replaced my wah pedal with something darker, but like many guitarists I didn’t want to spend $250 on another piece of gear. Correction: I wanted to spend the money on gear, but I can only hide so many guitar-related purchases a year, and adding another wah pedal seemed redundant.

The True Cost of Gigging

BB King really said it best, when he said he’s “paying the cost to be the boss,” and in the “glamorous” lifestyle of the working musician it rings true. And yet, when it comes to taking a gig and getting out and playing, we sometimes forget those costs and just agree to the gig, only…

Warbringer On Making ‘IV: Empires Collapse’

We had the chance to catch up with Warbringer to chat about the experience of making their fourth album, IV: Empires Collapse, and some of the creative decisions with composition, gear selection and the process of making a studio album – Hope you enjoy and definitely check out the album – it definitely evokes a…

Guitars, Guitars, Guitars @ Winter NAMM 2013

Namm, the National Association of Music Merchants, is almost a musicians Walhalla. Stocked to the brim with amazing new gear, innovation and ‘guitar heroes’. Companies, big and small, compete for the attention of the consumer. It’s only logical that sometimes the small companies can be a bit swamped by the ‘Big Ones’. In this article,…

The Tao of the Audition: 5 Tips for Getting the Gig

You made the call, talked to person on the other end, and landed the audition for the open spot as a guitar player in the band. If you’re like most of us, walking into that audition is going to come with a few (maybe more than a few) butterflies of apprehension… and the outcome will be based on a number of factors, only some of which are actually under your direct influence.

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