Multi-Amp Rigs 101

In our unending quest to forge a guitar tone that sounds like somebody opening the Ark of the Covenant inside a tyrannosaurus, many of us will eventually find ourselves considering the possibility of using more than one amplifier. As the more mathematically astute amongst you will doubtless be well aware, employing just one additional amplifier will…

dUg Pinnick On New Band KXM

The concept of a “Supergroup” with notable exceptions, usually sounds better in theory than in practice. All-star line-ups convene with all the makings of greatness that due to egos or whatever never quite lives up to expectations. However, when the players are George Lynch and Dug Pinnick with drummer extraordinaire Ray Luzier, you’ve got a notable exception indeed.

When Picks Attack!!

Once you’ve settled on a specific plectrum that feels good in your hand, how you approach each note (downward or alternate pick techniques etc, and even how you hold the pick itself) has a great deal to do with not only how easily you can play a series of notes, but the actual tone of…

Guitar Hero: George Lynch

George Lynch came blazing onto the music scene in the late ’70s with the band Dokken. Songs like “Mr. Scary” inspired young people around the world to play guitar instead of taking a traditional job. Throughout the ’80s he was a lead guitarist for Dokken with a fret-burning and unique style of playing. In 1989 he formed Lynch Mob and went on to create more than a half dozen albums.

Crimson Guitars Twin 45 RPM, A Closer View

When you want something new in your sound, you can buy a new pickup or pedal to shape the tone, or you can buy a brand new amp or simply replace the guitar. You establish a wish list, go to a store to search for a guitar that fits the bill, and hope you find…

The Screamin’ Demon – One Misunderstood Pickup

If there were one pickup out there that was misunderstood it would be the Screamin’ Demon. Developed for George Lynch (Dokken, Lynch Mob, Souls of the We), many think that the Screamin’ Demon is going to be one hell of a high output humbucker. But as George explains in The Story of George Lynch’s Screamin’ Demon Humbucker, the opposite is the case. George discovered that a moderate output pickup was more suitable for sustain and playing dynamics.

Zen and the art of soloing

There are several schools of thought to approaching the guitar solo in rock music. Some eschew any display of technique, opting for “from the gut” or “seat of the pants” minimalist playing. Some go the opposite route and consider their solos mini-orchestral movements within the song, composing busy and gymnastic showpieces.

The Story Of George Lynch’s Screamin’ Demon Humbucker

George Lynch’s Screamin’ Demon humbucker has been a mainstay of his sound for decades, across many different musical styles, amp rigs and guitar configurations. It’s a moderate output P.A.F. -style humbucker with extra growl. And surprisingly for a pickup that has been used to record some pretty scorching riffs, it’s actually not particularly high in output.

Seymour Duncan in Germany for Musik Messe 2011

Seymour Duncan will be at Europe’s largest musical instrument trade show, Musik Messe.  Similar to the winter NAMM show in Anaheim, CA, Musik Messe in Frankfurt Germany is where the world’s manufacturers announce and show their new products. Cavalera Conspiracy bassist Johny Chow will be on hand all day, helping out with product demonstrations.

Ultimate World Guitar Exhibition

Seymour W. Duncan Clinics in Italy In May 2010, I took part in the Ultimate World Guitar Exhibition in Bologna, Italy where I performed for 30,000 people along with Yngwie Malmsteen, George Lynch, Jennifer Batten, Glenn Hughes, Doug Aldrich, Ricky Portera, and Stef Burns; with Neil Murray on bass and Gregg Bissonette on drums. As…

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