How To Solder

In this article I'll take you through the various things you'll need to know about soldering to work on your guitar. You'll need to know how to protect your guitar, how to solder to lugs, how to de-solder wires, how to clean contacts,and how to solder to the back of a pot. But first, lets make sure we've got the right equipment. Continue Reading

How To Fix Your Guitar Like a Pro: Solving String Problems

WAIT. Put down that screwdriver. Put down that allen wrench. Quit fiddling with your tuners, and please do not throw your guitar out the window (or up on eBay). You aren’t going insane. We’ve all had frustrating moments with our guitars. I’m not talking about frustration from learning to play or being in a rut; I’m talking about frustration with the guitar itself. Sometimes – and […] Continue Reading

Guitar Company Feature: Rick Hanes Guitars

Guitar players have known for decades that when we want to make our guitars sound better, the first place to turn to is Seymour Duncan. In fact, this has been so true for so long, a lot of guitar manufacturers are now saving us time by building their instruments with Seymour Duncan pickups already installed. These companies range from solo ventures of a single master builder hand-making exquisite blues machines one-at-a-time, to […] Continue Reading

What Are Potentiometers?

As guitar players we're familiar with the volume and tone controls on our guitars. Potentiometers (pots) - or variable resistors - have been used for decades on guitars, effects and amplifiers. There are two distinct types of potentiometers that we typically use for these applications: linear (often abbreviated as "lin") and logarithmic (log or audio). Each of these types of potentiometers are used for specific applications, but first let's break down what a potentiometer is, and how it works. Continue Reading

Four Simple (and Cheap) Ways to Personalize Your Guitar

There’s a lot of appeal to owning something that’s truly unique, and guitars are definitely no exception. While we may not all want something as bold as the Eddie Van Halen Franken-Strat or the Rick Nielsen checkerboard Hamer Standard, it’s hard to deny the allure of a guitar that is one of a kind. We want to look at our beloved instruments and know that they’re […] Continue Reading

Buying Used Guitars Online for Fun and Profit

As 2013 begins its inexorable stretch toward the warmer days of Spring, it feels right to talk of new things; of rebirth; of bare-limbed trees emerging with new growth, brown fields awakening with the green hues of renewal, and old guitars finding new purpose in the hands of eager players with open minds and eyes for a good deal. Continue Reading

Freestyle Ear Training

In the days before tablature transcriptions and YouTube video tutorials, guitarists had only their wits, ears, piano charts (!) and each other to count on to accurately learn their favorite tunes or material for paying gigs. Continue Reading

Simple Guitar-Related Solutions You Could Be Missing Out On

A few years ago, I was browsing the Seymour Duncan Forum and came across a member who had encountered a problem which had him near his wit’s end. HIS KNOB WAS STUCK! Heh. No, seriously though. He was trying to wire up a new volume pot in his guitar, but he could not get the knob to come off so he could take out the old […] Continue Reading

Make Tracks: Recording Electric Guitar

When you get down to it, there are three things a guitarist can do: play alone, play for an audience, or record. Of those three, recording is perhaps the least intuitive. Practice and performance are both simple and natural aspects of music - you plug in, turn up, and make magic happen. Recording is not so simple. Continue Reading