Cage Match: Vintage Output vs Hot Single Coils

I read online forums a lot and I always have to laugh to myself when I read that someone wants a chime-filled single coil sound from their hot humbucker, or when someone wonders why their Les Paul sounds nothing like their Strat. True, I didn’t know these answers when I first started, and there were no…

Dictionary of Tone Terms

When describing tone, many guitar players use a myriad of terms to describe the sonic qualities they perceive  I want to take a closer look at some of those terms and try to explain what they mean. It is worth mentioning that most terms relate to ‘feel’; the feel a pickup gives you is crucial…

Tinkering with Pickups 103 – The “Vintage” Modification

In Tinkering with Pickups 102 we looked at swapping magnets in humbuckers to change some of the tonal characteristics of a pickup. In this entry we are going to look at what I’ll call a “vintage” modification for humbucker pickups. As per the warning the previous entry, the following modification also carries some risk of damage to your pickup if you are not careful.

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