Pickup Polarity and Phase Made Simple

If you have only one pickup in your guitar, feel free to ignore this article and live your life in blissful ignorance, unhampered by phase and polarity issues. Everyone else, pay attention! This is important stuff, and it might save your sanity some day, or at least your tone. Continue Reading

How Hum-Cancelling Works, Part 1

When we're designing wiring schemes for guitars, one thing we can take into account is whether certain configurations will be hum-cancelling. Of course, you know that when we select a humbucker on its own it will cancel its own hum. And you probably know that two single coils combined, where one is RWRP, will also form a hum-cancelling combination. Continue Reading

As the Guitarist for Racer X to ASIA – Bruce Bouillet turns to Seymour Duncan for smooth and even tone

Bruce Bouillet, guitarist from the underground shred metal band Racer X, has played with Paul Gilbert on record and on stage, scored his own record deals with The Scream, and Epidemic. He has performed around the world, including a US and Canadian run on the infamous G3 tour with Joe Satriani. Aside from performing live, he has produced, recorded, and mixed, on six gold albums, and a […] Continue Reading

Whether writing for a music magazine, lecturing, or performing live, Ravi’s strive for perfection leads him to Seymour Duncan for his guitars.

Ravi is a singer/songwriter who shot to worldwide fame at a young age as the guitarist for the ’90’s band Hanson, playing guitar in front of millions of screaming teenage fans in scenes reminiscent of “Beatlemania.” Hanson’s triple Grammy nominated chart-topping songs catapulted the band into the music stratosphere, taking Ravi to stages at the White House, Jay Leno, David Letterman, Saturday Night Live, Today Show, […] Continue Reading

Seymour Duncan Underground – Testpilot

At Seymour Duncan, we are all about the players and their quest for the right sound. For every band that has achieved critical mass, there are thousands more who are putting in their dues at local bars and coffee shops. Seymour Duncan Underground is a new continuing series to showcase unique musicians and bands that have not quite reached the mainstream. Today, we sit down with Frode […] Continue Reading

Jimmy Crespo chooses Seymour Duncan for Versatility

Originally from the east coast, Jimmy has recorded and/or performed with Rod Stewart, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jeff Beck, Stevie Nicks, Bon Jovi, Clarence Clemons, Little Steven, Billy Squire, Julian Lennon, Bernie Taupin and more. Jimmy is most recognized as a member and co-writer of Aerosmith from 1979 – 1984. His work with Aerosmith appeared on 1979’s Night In The Ruts, Classics Live, 1989’s Gems compilation and […] Continue Reading

Steve Miller and Los Lobos in Santa Barbara

Seymour Duncan Artist and Their Pickups Steve Miller and Los Lobos in Santa Barbara Steve Miller at the Santa Barbara Bowl Both David Hidalgo and Cesar Rosas of Los Lobos, as well as the legendary Steve Miller, have been long time customers of the Seymour Duncan company and the Seymour Duncan Custom Shop in particular. So, when they came through town this summer, it was no […] Continue Reading

Mike Keenan

Seymour Duncan Artist and Their Pickups Mike Keenan “I’ve always built guitars out of parts that I like in order to craft interesting sounds and find the resulting “Frankensteins” to have a lot more personality than the stuff that comes mass-produced or designed to sound like the guitar hero of the day, or yesterday for that matter. Years ago I heard a pick-up on a guitar […] Continue Reading