5 Vibratos Every Guitarist Wants

The vibrato is one of the most used and sought-after techniques in music. From a theoretical standpoint, vibrato is “a rapid, slight variation in pitch producing a stronger or richer tone”. As many guitar-toting tone-seekers will agree, the right vibrato can make the difference between a good guitarist and a legendary one. Many of us…

Guitar Company Feature: Rick Hanes Guitars

Guitar players have known for decades that when we want to make our guitars sound better, the first place to turn to is Seymour Duncan. In fact, this has been so true for so long, a lot of guitar manufacturers are now saving us time by building their instruments with Seymour Duncan pickups already installed. These companies range from solo…

Interview with Simple Plan’s Sebastien Lefebvre

The platinum-selling, “new-punk” stylings of Simple Plan first made their appearance on the music scene in 1999. The band played the Warped Tour and never looked back.

Five Questions with Chris Shiflett

Chris Shiflett has had quite the music career. From California punkers No Use For A Name to punk rock super-group Me First and the Gimme Gimmes to hitting the big time as a member of the Foo Fighters and now experimenting with country music as Chris Shiflett and the Dead Peasants, Chris has not been afraid to branch out in different musical directions.

Five Questions with Nine Inch Nails’ Robin Finck

Nine Inch Nails recently released their long awaited album Hesitation Marks, and are currently touring North America with their Tension 2013 show. After this they will be teaming up with Queens Of The Stone Age in 2014 for a double assault on Australia and New Zealand. With the tour in full swing I thought it would be good to ask Seymour Duncan artist and longtime Nine Inch Nails collaborator Robin Finck a few questions about him, his gear, touring with Nine Inch Nails, and of course pickups!

Five Questions With Country Guitarist Joshua Ray

Seymour Duncan artist Joshua Ray is a young up and coming blues guitarist from San Diego, California. At 20 years of age, Josh has done more than many could hope to achieve. A finalist in the Guitar Center 2009 “King of the Blues” contest, he’s gone on to work with artists and producers such as Johnny Sandlin…

The Bill Mumy Interview

There’s a lot of ways from which you may know of the name Bill Mumy. Perhaps from Babylon 5 if you’re a child of the 90s, or more likely from his iconic role as Will Robinson on Lost In Space if you’re older, or a fan of vintage sci-fi TV dramas. Or maybe from his…

Ola Strandberg, The Genius Behind The Ergonomic Guitar System

A couple of years ago I was looking for a replacement tremolo system to fit a Floyd Rose route. I stumbled on the tremolo system designed and build by Ola Strandberg. Even though my guitar and the tremolo system weren’t compatible after all (at least, I wasn’t willing to do the necessary, though minor, modifications),…

Five Questions with Anthrax’s Scott Ian

Anthrax have been going from strength to strength for the past few years. With the return of Joey Belladonna, the Big Four shows, and the 2011 release of Worship Music, Anthrax have been tearing it up all over the world.
Since Anthrax are returning to Australian shores as part of the Soundwave Festival I thought it would be good to ask Seymour Duncan artist, Anthrax guitarist and founding member Scott Ian a few questions.

Gary Hoey Gets The Blues. And Loves It.

We all know Gary Hoey can do pretty much anything on guitar. His cover of prototypical prog classic ‘Hocus Pocus’ was a Top 5 Billboard Mainstream Rock hit in 1993. In 1994 his soundtrack to Endless Summer II single-handedly made surf music cool again in the eyes of players raised on shred. His Ho Ho…

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