Seymour Duncan Passive Jazz Bass Pickup Roundup

By Dave Eichenberger Wow, that is quite the title, isn’t it? We here at Seymour Duncan are passionate about our bass pickups, and we have several of them ready to transform your Jazz Bass into everything from a vintage tone machine to a savage beast.

The Apollo Jazz Bass Linear Humbuckers

Seymour Duncan’s engineering wizard Kevin Beller has been helping us develop products since the early days of the company and he’s also a bass player who is deeply passionate about developing new tone tools for musicians. His quest to capture the traditional tone but have it be completely noiseless with some performance modifications led to…

Your Bass Tonal Palette II – Passive Tone

In the first installment, we talked about using your volume knobs (or your blend) to create tonal variety in the event that you walk into a gig and are told that your amp (read: main source of tonal sound) will not be used and that a DI and set of headphones are now your best friend. But as we all know, it’s rare that a bass will have JUST a volume knob. Today we’re going to talk about the passive tone knob, or for you lucky guys with more, passive tone knobs.

Seymour Duncan Antiquities: Vintage Hallmarks

Choosing a guitar can be daunting task – not to mention choosing the right set of pickups! The choices are overwhelming. But what if you have an old guitar and want to change pickups but want to retain the old vintage looks? In that case they’re only so little things you can do. You can choose to put the old covers on new pickups, learn to live with the fresh new look of the new pickups, or take a look at Seymour Duncan’s Antiquity Series pickups.

Nathan Cochran of MercyMe and Diving Blind Gets Fully Seymourized

Growing up in the green hills of Columbia, Missouri, music has always been around Nathan Cochran’s family. His father played guitar and sang–and still does–and was a huge influence on him musically. He usually played a Beatles tune, or perhaps a little Jimmy Page solo. Nathan first learned from his dad and then on his…

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