This Sounds Odd: Understanding 9th Chords

Contrary to where modern guitar has gone, it started life as a rhythm instrument, bashing out chords on a large archtop (or larchtop*) in the back of the band. Yes, it is hard to believe that at one time, the idea of sweep picking lydian-dominant arps at 200 bpm was unheard of, and the idea of having a great chord vocabulary (and being able to improvise with those chords) was essential to be considered a great guitarist that could work steadily and support all of those spotlight-stealing brass players. These days, being an amazing rhythm player is downplayed in favor of other aspects of guitar playing, but understanding some small things about chords will only let our solos stand out more, and give us more interesting things to play over. If you haven't read it yet, I would also suggest reading my article about 7th chords, as this article will build on those concepts. Continue Reading

Polar Bear Club

Seymour Duncan Artist and Their Pickups Nate Morris – (Guitarist for Polar Bear Club) Nate, guitarist for Polar Bear Club knows what it takes to get good tone…Seymour Duncan pickups. “All I need to get the tone I love is a JB Model in the bridge and a Jazz Model in the neck. It’s a classic combination for good reason.” Polar Bear Club had a lot […] Continue Reading

Circa Guitarist Johnny Bruhns Chooses Seymour Duncan to Expand his Tonal Palette

Virtuoso guitarist and multi-instrumentalist, Johnny Bruhns began his musical education growing up in his native Philadelphia. His mother Catherine, a director of choirs and musicals, imparted her knowledge of vocal technique and music theory to him. Johnny also gains his instrumental prowess from his father’s side of the family as a descendant of classical composer, Nicholas Bruhns, who became an important influence on J.S. Bach. A […] Continue Reading

The Ready Set Guitarist Deryck Stanek Brings A Whole Lotta Rock to Pop With Seymour Duncan

Beckoning guitarist, producer and all-around musical hybrid Deryck Stanek was born in Omaha, Nebraska. From his parent’s basement, he launched the band Go Crash Audio whom, within six years, would go from clueless musicians to performing alongside artists like Kevin Rudolf, Fall Out Boy & LFO. Deryck soon went on to pursue many other projects, including the production of EP’s for Kid Contagious, Rochester and others. It […] Continue Reading

Blues rocking guitarist Alastair Greene has the right tone for the Alan Parsons Live Project

Guitarist, singer, and songwriter Alastair Greene has been a mainstay of the Southern California music scene for over 2 decades. Alastair was born April 18th, 1971 in Santa Barbara, CA. Best known for his blues-based, soulful, and melodic guitar playing (as well as one of a rare-breed to play slide guitar), Alastair can be heard on CDs by Alan Parsons (2006 Grammy Nominated ‘A Valid Path’); […] Continue Reading