Vintage Humbucker Stories

Every pickup we make tells a story, and our line of vintage pickups is particularly stocked with interesting tales. We asked our sales manager, Alex Semple, to share the stories behind some of our most popular vintage-style models. 

The Pickups Of Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine

Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine changed the path of metal rhythm guitar: the kinds of chords and riffs, the attack and aggression of the picking style, and the crunch and bite of the tone itself. For many years – until he developed his signature Dave Mustaine LW-MUST Livewire pickups with us – Dave used the JB and…

Preventing Disaster: Carpal Tunnel, Tendonitis And Hearing Loss

Many musicians have had their careers cut short – or life just made more miserable – by being plagued by two of the most common ailments for a long-time musician: Tendonitis and Hearing Loss. In this article we are going to look at these two common ailments, how to prevent them and lessen the impacts of the symptoms.

That Single Pickup Magic

Once upon a time there was a great war. This war was a marketing war, all based on the quantity of a guitar’s equipment. Up until late 1953, the two major players were tied with two pickups, when one side introduced a three pickup guitar. Things were again tied between the major players at three…

The Art Of The May I Help You Riff

Music stores can be intimidating. You’re walking into an environment where all the staff there have heard every cliche’d song butchered a million times, and where it can sometimes be hard to get some attention in order to be assisted in choosing your new guitar, pedal, pick, strap, pickup, gadget or wotzit. Now, it would…

Harmony: A Closer Look At The Perfect Fourth

When I was younger I developed a passion for harmony. I started learning how modes, scales and chords work together to create music. Harmony is the teaching of a set of rules to make music audible. Perhaps the word ‘rule’ is wrong since that word implies something immobile, the enforcement of the wills or wishes…

Neil “Spyder” Giraldo Talks Tone With Seymour Duncan

Neil “Spyder” Giraldo has a reputation as a great guitar player for Pat Benatar, coming up with riffs and solos for “Love Is a Battlefield”, “Hit Me With Your Best Shot”, and “We Belong” among many others. In this interview Seymour gets down to Neil’s gear, string gauge, amps and his wild on-stage antics (including biting his guitars).

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