From the Basement to the Stage

By Dave Eichenberger Oh, sure, you practice for several hours a day. You transcribe those complex double-handed solos in your head while your boss is yelling at you to answer the phone. You left hand taps on the steering wheel in perfect ⅝ time while the left hand is firmly in ⅞. You have a Les Paul,…

Jerry Donahue On Telecaster-Style Bridge Intonation

We asked “Bendmaster of the Telecaster” Jerry Donahue to share some of his secrets for setting up a Telecaster bridge and keeping it properly intonated.

Five Questions With Jerry Donahue

Jerry Donahue has had quite the career. Playing with folk rock bands such as Fotheringay and Fairport Convention, and working with artists like Robert Plant, Joan Armatrading, The Proclaimers, Elton John, George Harrison, Hank Marvin, Cliff Richard, and Roy Orbison just to name a few. Add The Hellecasters to the mix and you’ve got one very impressive catalog of work. His preference of the Telecaster shape, and his mastery of string bends has helped give him the title “Bendmaster of the Telecaster.”

Jerry Donahue Lead and Alnico 2 Pro Rhythm Pickups for Telecaster

Previously, I told the story of my rosewood Tele. I love that guitar; it’s so clear and warm and chimey! But, it doesn’t have the boldness, rawness and raunchyness of what I consider to be the ‘real’ Telecaster sound.

Classically Trained Country Guitarist Dan Weller Knows how to Tailor his Tone!

Dan Weller is a multi-faceted guitarist-vocalist based in Nashville.  Over the years, he’s toured with several independent and major label artists in front of audiences as large as 500,000. Dan Weller began playing guitar at age 8. He kept disappearing with his dad’s classical trying to figure out how to play, so his folks decided…

Saddle Up Your Telecaster – By Jerry Donahue

We asked “Bendmaster of the Telecaster” Jerry Donahue to share some of his secrets for setting up a Telecaster® bridge and keeping it properly intonated.

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