String Theory: What Is Top Wrapping?

There’s a standard way of stringing a Les Paul or other stop tailpiece-equipped axe, and it works perfectly fine. And so it should! The darn things were designed to work that way! But there’s another method that some players swear by, often called ‘top wrapping.’

What To Expect At An Open Jam

Here is what to expect (and how to act) when you show up in an unfamiliar place, playing unfamiliar songs with musicians you have (likely) never met.

Cage Match: The Battle of Bling

Let’s face it: guitars are fashion accessories, and guitar makers know this. It isn’t good enough that we’re on stage rockin’ the place, we gotta look good doing it. Guitarists choose their instrument for many reasons but we all know the player that puts looks above all else. Instead of focusing on, say a Flying V vs Les Paul debate, this one will take a turn towards the flash.

Joe Bonamassa Drives Blues-Rock Forward

It’s been a big year for Joe Bonamassa so far. He released Driving Towards The Daylight in May; he’s been hard at work on the third Black Country Communion album with Glenn Hughes, Jason Bonham and Derek Sherinian; and in January he unveiled his set of signature Seymour Duncan humbucker pickups. It seems there’s always something to do when you’re one of the most popular blues rock guitarists in the world, huh?

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