KISS’S Tommy Thayer And The Seymour Duncan JB Model

KISS’s Tommy Thayer has one of the coolest jobs in the world: he gets to hop up on stage every night and occupy the persona of the Spaceman, one of KISS’s four classic characters. Although the role was originally inhabited by Ace Frehley, and Thayer is mindful of paying tribute to the classic guitar parts…

Bruce Kulick Launches Antiquity-Loaded Signature Guitar

Bruce Kulick has just launched a new signature guitar with Rebel Guitars, and it features an Antiquity JB humbucker as its sole pickup, screaming out with its powerful, punchy tone from the bridge position and with only a volume and a tone control to keep it company. The Rock ‘N Roll Relics Bruce Kulick BK model is being made in an extremely limited edition of 25, hand-numbered by Bruce and with a certificate of authenticity. It’s inspired by one of Bruce’s favourite KISS-era guitars, and each one will be aged and distressed to look like the original.

Bruce Kulick (Grand Funk Railroad/KISS) demonstrates the Seymour Duncan Zephyr Silver Pickups

Bruce Kulick, guitarist for Grand Funk Railroad and a long-time member of KISS, recently stopped by the Seymour Duncan factory. He talked to us about what he currently has going on and did a demonstration of the difference between copper pickups and the Zephyr Silver pickups.

Freebie Friday: The JB Humbucker

If you want “Sweet, warm tones to raw rock ’n’ roll” and “great harmonics”, enter to win our Freebie Friday Contest on our Facebook page! This Freebie Friday, we are giving away the JB, the world’s most popular humbucker.  We were so thrilled with all of the great feedback from Frank’s post on his first…

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