The Antiquity Story

Our Antiquity line of pickups goes back to a particularly unique time in guitar history, the 1990s. A few different things were happening at the same time: the vintage guitar market was huge just as ‘shred’ guitars were on a bit of a decline, and guitarists were beginning to relic their own instruments when they…

Pickups for Other Instruments

Call us biased if you must, but we all know that Seymour Duncan is the premiere manufacturer of pickups for electric guitars and bass. We also know that he also pioneered the technology of amplifying and transforming the sound the acoustic guitar. But guitarists and bassists aren’t the only ones that can have good tone these days. Seymour Duncan has developed a whole line of transducers that faithfully replicate the sounds of many instruments, including cello, banjo, acoustic bass, oud, mandolin, steel guitar, and even the human voice.

DL Lap Steel Guitars Use D-TAR and Seymour Duncan

Dan Larson’s company, DL Lap Steel Guitars, was created out of the need for a lap steel guitar that could be taken backpacking. Dan had hiked all across the Sierra Nevada’s with a small six-string guitar but wanted more. DL Lap Steel Guitars is dedicated to producing great sounding and great playing travel lap steel…

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