Gigging at the Edge of Reason, Episode 1

Working musicians know that the key to a positive gig experience isn’t just in how prepared we are, but how well we are able to deal with and respond to the things we never thought to prepare for. We know not to flip out over a bad monitor mix or because the Jagermeister is the…

Conventional Wisdom and the 100-Watt Amplifier

Sometimes you feel like the whole world has gone crazy. At least, that’s how I feel whenever I come across a person on an internet forum repeating the increasingly-prevalent diatribe about the supposed impracticality of the 100-watt tube amp.

The Gig Survival Kit

Success or failure at a gig often hinges on a single moment that tests you in some way. It could be a test of your gear, your chops, your energy level, your self-confidence, and at some gigs, your stomach. The best thing you can do to be ready for situations like this is to prepare in advance, and make sure you are ready for whatever a gig can throw at you.

Making Your Solos Stand Out – part 2

This is the second part of my two-part article about the options we soloists have for being heard above the din when it’s our time to shine. In the first part I covered some of the more tried-and-true methods for boosting a solo: the guitar volume, switching pickups, and using an overdrive, distortion, or compressor pedal. In this part, we will explore some of the more refined, “professional” options for making your solo stand out.

The Tao of the Audition: 5 Tips for Getting the Gig

You made the call, talked to person on the other end, and landed the audition for the open spot as a guitar player in the band. If you’re like most of us, walking into that audition is going to come with a few (maybe more than a few) butterflies of apprehension… and the outcome will be based on a number of factors, only some of which are actually under your direct influence.

Live from the Custom Shop

Join us tomorrow (2/22/12) at 11am PST for a live feed with Seymour Duncan and Maricela Juarez in the Custom Shop. Tweet us your questions and get the answers live on the air. Watch here

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