Friends of SD: Prestige Guitars

It is always refreshing to see a North American-based guitar builder that can make breathtaking instruments and keep the prices so a working musician can afford them. Based in Vancouver, Canada, Prestige Guitars specializes in a line of traditional solidbodies, semi-hollowbodies, full hollowbodies, a few acoustics and even a bass. Using exotic woods combined with beautiful inlay work, they look and feel like quality instruments. With […] Continue Reading

High Gloss Finishes On Our Guitars

A while ago I was asked about different types of lacquer and how luthiers are able to get their guitars to look as glossy as they do. Sometimes they look as if they’re dipped in glass! In this article we’ll take a close look at how luthiers prepare the guitar for finishing and the final processes of making the lacquer as shiny as possible but first, […] Continue Reading

Lacquer: The Barrier Between Your Guitar And Hazard!

Ever since musical instruments were crafted of wood they had to be protected. Whether it’s protection from the player (sweat can be quite aggressive; just take a look at the gold plating of your (friend’s) vintage Les Paul Custom) or from the elements, wood has to be safeguarded from hazardous,external influences. This is because the woods that are being used for instrument building are fragile. Some […] Continue Reading

Considerations in Getting a Custom-Built Guitar

For as long as ready-made goods exist people choose to forgo with them and have a product specifically tailored for their needs. With guitars it’s no different. The surge of custom build guitars is a relative new one, though, which can be closely matched to the rise of global communication. It’s nowadays a very straightforward task to get in contact with a luthier across the globe […] Continue Reading

The Son of a Luthier

For thousands of years luthiers have repaired and created instruments to support musicians in doing what they do. With each generation the skill and art is passed down from one to another. Getting more kids interested in building, repairing and modding their guitars is fundamental to keeping the guitar vibrant and full of unique tone. In the interview below we spoke with Elias Turner, whose dad […] Continue Reading