Ceramic Humbucker Tone Profiles

Learn the tonal differences between a few of our most popular humbuckers that feature Ceramic magnets   Duncan Custom™ Bridge DCR: 14.1k A hot humbucker which uses a small ceramic magnet and custom-wound coils to dish out a ‘P.A.F.-on-steroids’ tone. It has tight lows, a bump in the upper midrange which gives you more character…

Tonal Properties of Guitar Pickup Magnets

At the heart of every pickup, whether it’s a humbucker or a single-coil, is one or more magnets that define the fundamental character of the pickup’s tone. Learn how a pickup’s magnet type impacts its tone to help you choose the best pickups for you and your guitar! Read on for info on a few…

Seymour Duncan Shop Floor Custom Options

Do you need something just a little bit special from your pickup but not anything that requires the full Seymour Duncan Custom Shop treatment? If so, there are plenty of little customisations that you can request when you order a regular pickup through your preferred dealer. Called Shop Floor Custom, this service lets you tweak various aspects of your pickup order and we’ll make it on the regular shop floor, just for you, alongside our regular production pickups. It’s a handy alternative if you want something a little unique but your budget doesn’t stretch to ‘Custom Shop.’

The Seymour Duncan Custom 5 Pickup

While I went on and on in one of my previous articles about the Custom Custom bridge pickup, I’d love to introduce one of its fraternal twins, the Custom 5. I think of it like this: The Custom Custom is like a bowl of clam chowder: rich, and creamy. The Custom 5, while the same…

One Trick Pony, or Many Trick Pony: My Versatile Wiring

Some people love to buy many guitars, and hand pick a guitar for a specific job. Some people try to make a guitar as versatile as it can be, getting as many useful sounds out of one instrument. I fall more in the latter camp, which I think is a little rarer these days.

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