The Seymour Duncan Acoustic Pickup Line

Seymour knows about tone. But not just about tone coming from several Marshall stacks in front of chia-haired rockers. Besides specializing in the perfect sound for electric guitars for over 40 years, Seymour Duncan knows how to get the perfect acoustic tone for your live performances and recordings.

The Difficulties In Amplifying An Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic guitars have always presented a problem when playing at higher volumes. Back in the day (as the kids say), if you wanted a louder acoustic guitar, you bought a bigger acoustic guitar. Bigger bodies = more volume, as there is more wood to vibrate and project the sound towards the listener. But what if you have to play a big club or theater with hundreds or thousands of people? Huh? HUH? You could get a guitar the size of the stage itself, but I bet you wouldn’t like how it sounded! This article will explain some of the difficulties that acoustic guitarists face when wanting just to be heard.

This One is Just Right: The D-TAR Mama Bear

D-TAR is a sister company of Seymour Duncan, and consist of partners Rick Turner, co-founder of and luthier to the stars, and Seymour Duncan, the electric pickup maker. D-TAR stands for Duncan-Turner Acoustic Research and focuses on acoustic guitar products like pickups and preamps. The Mama Bear is sort of a specialized digital preamp and direct box for acoustic guitar, but it really does much more than that.

Seymour Duncan Pickup Artists at Vans Warped Tour

Complimenting the blistering Orlando heat were the sets by the Seymour Duncan Warped tour artists. With sweat dripping down the bodies of the crowd in this 106 degree heat as well as the bands on stage, Seymour Duncan pickup artists, set the place on fire! Scorching performances and blazing tone filled the air by such…

Clif Norrell

Seymour Duncan Artist and Their Pickups Clif Norrell – Producer, Engineer & Mixer (Sting, Weezer, Rush, Miley Cyrus) “I mix a lot of live recordings where the only acoustic guitar track provided to me is a horrible sounding DI, and the Mama Bear is the only way I can get a result I am happy…

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