Q&A With Alex Skolnick

Recently we were lucky enough to snag some time with Alex Skolnick (while he took a break in a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf) to talk about Testament, Alex Skolnick Trio, tone, technique, gear and just general life stuff. Alex fielded questions on Facebook from our fans, and here’s an edited transcript of the questions…

In Search of the Secrets of Slash’s Sound

“A Les Paul into a Marshall”. It’s an accurate description of Slash’s signature sound, and it seems so simple. So why is it so hard to get that famous tone? In search of the answers to this and other questions about Slash’s rig, I interviewed Ace Bergman, Slash’s guitar tech on the Apocalyptic Love tour.

In Defense of Small, Low-Wattage Amps

After reading Adam Gotch’s excellent case for using 100 watt amps at gigs big and small, I am compelled to come up with a counter-argument. There is simply no sonic reason outside of tight, riff-based metal to use a stack these days. Even then, I’d argue that there are probably plenty of instances a well-defined…

Conventional Wisdom and the 100-Watt Amplifier

Sometimes you feel like the whole world has gone crazy. At least, that’s how I feel whenever I come across a person on an internet forum repeating the increasingly-prevalent diatribe about the supposed impracticality of the 100-watt tube amp.

Halloween Horror: The Most Evil Scale Ever

Zombies and Zombettes, gather ye round. It’s that ghoulish time of year when a guitarist’s thoughts turn to such devilish delights as the tritone, the minor third and – gasp! – even the dreaded flat second! The horror! These demonic musical intervals can create an unsettling feeling in the listener, scare off household pets, open a gate to the land of the undead, and maybe even make a few shirtless dudes crowdsurf.

John Butler Live at Red Rocks Features the Seymour Duncan Mag-Mic

The John Butler Trio (“JBT”) are one of the most respected and successful bands on the world music scene. Over the years, JBT have been fortunate enough to open shows for several international artists at the incredible Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Morrison, Colorado. In June, 2010, John and his band mates Nicky Bomba and Byron…

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