Best Acoustic Guitar Strings

After the recent great bass string comparison from Jon Moody, I thought it would be a good time to compare some of the string choices for acoustics. Let’s start with some basics.

Shop Talk With Rascal Flatts Guitar Tech David Graef

David Graef is country at heart, but rock n’ roll in spirit. He was raised on a Texas farm thinking he’d end up a farmer. In the ’80s, he took a chance, moving to Nashville hoping to make a living with a guitar. Years later we can look back and say that chance definitely paid off….

Headstock Shapes: Keeping Your Head Cool!

A necessary part of the guitar (well, most anyway – let’s not get into headlesses for the moment) is the headstock. The piece of wood that holds the tuners in place, who in their turn hold the strings so you can adjust their individual pitch so you can play in tune with others. This piece…

Acoustic Tone – We Got You Covered

Finding the right balance of warmth, natural tone and capturing all the dynamics of acoustic guitars is something that we decided long ago to take on.

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