Is There A “Pop Sound”?

Discussions about how to get “that” tone are usually centred around a particular genre. It’s easy to discuss rock, jazz, metal or country tones, because the genre itself carries an implication about a rough tonal ballpark. When we talk about rock, we immediately bring to mind various overdrive and distortion sounds. Jazz makes us think of that warm, articulate clean tone. Metal is all about crushing distortion, and country musicians can’t get enough twang.

Talking Tone & Thrash Royalty With Monte Pittman

Monte Pittman is one of those guitarists that you can rely on to cover any musical situation you throw at them. Just look at his resume: from Prong to Madonna and Adam Lambert, Pittman has the chops, tone and professionalism to slip into a song with the right balance of musical authenticity and individual personality. In November 2012 he released M.P.3: The Power Of Three, Part 1.

New Guitars with Seymour Duncan Pickups

Here is a sampling of some of the new guitars announced at NAMM that feature Seymour Duncan pickups. From Schecter, the Blackjack SLS series: From Godin Guitars, the CORE featuring a model with Seymour Duncan P90’s. From Jarrell Guitars, the Monte Pittman Signature line. CJ Pierce of Drowning Pool shows us his new Eagle Gold…

Jarrell Guitars launches MPS with Seymour Duncan Pickups

Jarrell Guitars has just announced a line of Monte Pittman Signature guitars that are designed for maximum versatility. Monte Pittman is the guitarist for both Madonna and Prong – which speaks volumes to Monte’s need to have a guitar that allows him to go quickly from one style to another. Through his colloboration with Phillip…

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