Pickups for Other Instruments

Call us biased if you must, but we all know that Seymour Duncan is the premiere manufacturer of pickups for electric guitars and bass. We also know that he also pioneered the technology of amplifying and transforming the sound the acoustic guitar. But guitarists and bassists aren’t the only ones that can have good tone these days. Seymour Duncan has developed a whole line of transducers that faithfully replicate the sounds of many instruments, including cello, banjo, acoustic bass, oud, mandolin, steel guitar, and even the human voice.

The Seymour Duncan Acoustic Pickup Line

Seymour knows about tone. But not just about tone coming from several Marshall stacks in front of chia-haired rockers. Besides specializing in the perfect sound for electric guitars for over 40 years, Seymour Duncan knows how to get the perfect acoustic tone for your live performances and recordings.

Maxmonte Guitars Uses D-TAR for Harp Guitar

In Padova, Italy, around 25 miles west of Venice, a guitar builder named Massimiliano (“Max”) Monterosso builds highly original guitars that are firmly grounded in tradition. His shop, called Maxmonte Guitars, just completed this latest creation: a left-handed Dyer-style harp guitar. Shown below, you can see a solid top built from local spruce grown in…

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