Cage Match: The Hobbyist vs. The Professional

I’ve covered a couple of topics already, dealing with the freelancing and business portion of playing out and gigging (feel free to review them here and here). And the comments thus far have been truly awesome and led to some good points on both sides, which is what we’re going to discuss today. In my years playing out, on the road and at home I have run into many musicians that can fall into two groups: the Hobbyist and the Professional. Today, we’re going to talk about the differences – and similarities – between the two.

Breaking Down the Barriers: Chords in Every Key

Songwriters and improvisers usually pick chords and scales based in the 12 keys we use in music. This time we will focus on triads, or 3 note chords. These are the basis of Western harmony.The guitar is capable of playing in all of the 12 keys, but for some reason, many guitarists are stuck playing…

Write With Your Brain, Not With Your Hands

My whole leg is asleep to the hip. My guitar, poised restlessly in my lap, has been cutting off the circulation for… a while? I’m not even sure anymore. Shifting position in my computer chair, I brace for the agonizing needle-rush of blood back into numbed limbs while my bleary eyes refocus in the wash…

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