Adjusting Your Action: Shimming and Micro Tilt

There are many different factors that go into the playability of a guitar, including the string height, the quality of the frets, the smoothness of the fretboard edges, the shape of the neck – the list goes on and on. One often-overlooked aspect for bolt-on guitars is the neck angle; get it wrong and you…

The Versatility Of The Black Winter Neck Model

Originally released only in Scandinavia in January of 2013, the Black Winter pickups were designed for extreme metal players, providing a sound that was suited to the sorts of metal coming out of this region of Europe. The public interest was so high that the Black Winters received a world-wide general release soon afterwards. Let’s…

Shredding It Full Shred Neck Style

There’s one thing I don’t want when I switch over to a neck pickup, and that’s mud. I want my bridge pickups to have a tight low end, and enough mids and treble to cut through the mix, without getting fizzy, and be able drive an amplifier hard enough to get some good chunky tones. My neck pickup on the other hand needs to have a cleaner sound to it, and retain some smoothness even under a lot of dirt.

Friends of SD: Warmoth Custom Guitar & Bass Parts

The Friends of SD series will showcase builders and manufacturers that are either authorized resellers of Seymour Duncan products, or who use Seymour Duncan pickups in their instruments.  If you are a guitarist or bassist that has ever dreamed of building your own instrument out of parts, chances are you have spent countless hours looking at the beautiful woods…

Neck Construction

There are three things worth mentioning when it comes to the neck itself: How is the neck-to-body connection made? What is the construction method of the neck shaft? And how does the neck shaft transition to the headstock?

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