How To Tame A Muddy-Sounding Tele Neck Pickup

If you’ve ever felt that your Telecaster’s neck pickup sounded too muddy, there’s a simple fix that Seymour has been doing for years. All you need to do is connect a .047 capacitor in series (directly in-line) with the hot output wire from the neck pickup. This will filter out the excess low-end and clean up…

That Poor, Misunderstood Telecaster Rhythm Pickup

By Dave Eichenberger In the beginning, there was the Esquire. Almost 70 years ago, the genesis of the Telecater started with its one-pickup father, which contained a single bridge pickup with a 3-way switch giving us a few sounds that couldn’t be found on the later Telecaster.

Introducing The Sentient 7/8 String Neck Pickup

The Sentient is a neck pickup which pairs equally well with the Pegasus (for prog rock and modern metal) and the Nazgûl (for aggressive metal). It’s voiced to capture a blend of vintage PAF and modern tones with enough output to deliver harmonically rich distorted lead tones, but subtle enough to give you deep, detailed cleans.

How to Behave in Public: Etiquette on Multi-Band Gigs

Every band (especially original ones) has had to play shows with other bands. After all, we don’t all start our live debut with four hours of music for the whole night. Usually we bundle the band with friends’ bands, or the venue does that for us. At many shows, bands share the stage, equipment, and…

Choosing Neck Pickups For A Les Paul

Les Pauls are famous for the tone the neck pickup produces. I feel that a Strat and Tele (in my opinion the two other ‘big ones’) also have an amazing neck pickup tone, but the Les Paul really shines and sings when you add some gain to it.

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